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Frequently Asked Questions

How can I register all my bank accounts and cards?

To register your accounts:
1. Go to the "More" page and tap on "Accounts".
2. Tap the "+" button.
3. If you're adding multiple accounts, you can enable the "Add more" checkbox.
4. Fill in all the account information and click "Save".

Can I connect "My Accounts and Expenses" with my banks?

No, "My Accounts and Expenses" is a tool for managing your personal finances manually.
If you maintain the habit of recording all your transactions and keeping your accounts up to date, it's the best way to ensure that no unauthorized charges are made.
Additionally, this way you have the peace of mind that your information is secure since it only exists on your devices.

How are payments added to the calendar?

To have the calendar display the payment days for your recurring expenses, reminders are used:
1. Go to "Calendar".
2. Select the day on which you'll record the reminder.
3. Tap the "+" button located below the calendar.
4. Fill in all the reminder information (Frequency, Charging Account, Category, Estimated Amount).
5. By default, reminders are repetitive with the selected frequency. If it's a one-time thing, you can disable "Recurring" and specify the number of repetitions.
6. Click "Save".
7. Repeat the process for each recurring payment. You can enable the "Add more" option.

How can I generate reports of my transactions?

To create reports in "My Accounts and Expenses":
1. Go to the "More" page and click on "Reports".
2. In "Settings," select the period you want to analyze (month or date range), transaction types, chart type, and data grouping method.
3. Select the "Accounts" and "Categories" on their respective tabs (all are selected by default).
4. Go to the "Report" tab to view the charts.
5. Go to the "Transactions" tab to view the transactions.

How can I synchronize data across my devices?

You can sync your data across different devices using our OneDrive cloud synchronization feature with My Accounts and Expenses:
1. Sign in to OneDrive in the settings page, or simply, tap the "Sync" button to sign in.
2. Use the same account on all your devices.
3. You can enable automatic synchronization on the "Settings" page.
4. Repeat the process on other devices to synchronize the data.

What can I do if synchronization fails?

If you encounter issues with synchronizing data, there might be an error in the synchronized data. To fix it, follow these steps:
1. IMPORTANT: Disable automatic synchronization on all your devices (if it's enabled).
2. Choose the device that has the correct data.
3. On that device:
 - Go to the "More" page and create a backup of the database.
 - Go to the "Settings" page, and in the OneDrive Synchronization section, click on "Reset OneDrive Data".
 - Click "Yes".
 - Wait for the synchronization to finish. This erases cloud data and performs a complete synchronization of data from this device.
4. On the other devices:
 - Go to the "More" page and click on "Clear all data".
 - Accept the double confirmation.
 - Return to the Balances page and click the "Sync" button.
5. Your cloud data is now corrected.


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